the battle of five days semarang
14 October 2019

At 6.30 West Indonesian Time, young men of the hospital received instructions to intercept and inspect Japanese cars that passed in front of Purusara Hospital. They confiscated a sedan belonging to Kempetai and seized their weapons. In the afternoon, the youth actively sought out Japanese troops and then threw them into Fur Prison. At around 18:00 IWST, fully armed Japanese troops launched a surprise attack while disarming eight special police officers who were guarding the source of drinking water for the citizens of Semarang City, Candilama. The eight members of the Special Police were tortured and taken to the  Kid? Butai headquarters in Jatingaleh. That evening word got out that Japanese soldiers were spreading poison into the reservoir. The people became nervous. The water reserve in Candi, Wungkal village, at that time was the only source of water in the city of Semarang. As head of Purusara Hospital (now Dr. Kariadi Hospital) Doctor Kariadi intends to confirm the news. After Maghrib, there was a call from the head of Purusara Hospital, who told dr. Kariadi, the Purusara Laboratory Head, immediately inspected the Siranda Reservoir because the Japanese news spread the poison. Doctor Kariadi then quickly decided to go there immediately. The atmosphere is very dangerous because the Japanese army has carried out attacks in several places including on the road to the Siranda Reservoir. Dr. Kariadi, drg. Soenarti tries to prevent her husband from leaving because of the very precarious situation. However dr. Kariadi argued differently, he had to investigate the truth of the rumor because it involved the lives of thousands of Semarang residents. Finally drg. Soenarti can't do anything. It turned out that on the way to the Siranda Reservoir, the car that was boarded by Dr. Kariadi was intercepted by Japanese troops on Jalan Pandanaran Together with the student army who drove the car he was traveling in, dr. Kariadi was viciously shot. He was taken to the hospital around 23.30 WIB. When he arrived at the operating room, the state of Dr. Kariadi is very bad. The young doctor's life cannot be saved. He died at the age of 40 years and a month



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