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19 July 2017

In the city of Semarang is already famous for its culinary as well as its diverse and unique lodging places, any travelers or out of town who just want a stopover or just a holiday would they want to find a comfortable and affordable lodging place from the main urban areas in Semarang, Gets Hotel Semarang is present for those of you who want to find suitable

and comfortable lodging in Semarang. In addition to the historical sites in Kota Semarang, Kota Gama, Gets Hotel offers a room rate which of course is suitable for travelers and Royal of course fit in your pocket. There are Bebeberapa Room Rates room offerings, are as follows:

- Deluxe

- Grand Deluxe

- Executive

- Suite

- Royal Suite

Where Comfort and Hospitality become our motto and vision for the satisfaction of our customers and guests of the Hotel, Great Day.


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